Join the Wageningen Campus Expedition!

Have you always wondered which organisations are present at the Wageningen Campus, what kind of research is being done and want to meet fellow Wageningen Campus residents? Join the expedition and visit these great organisations!  Wageningen Campus opens its doors! Between June 12 and June 22, the Wageningen Campus Expedition will take place. Every day from 12:00h to 14:00h different companies and organisations on Wageningen Campus organise tours to give you a look behind the scenes. Are you curious about all the different organisations that are present, read on!

Plant Genetic Resources open their doors to show you the processes that occur after crops are harvested. They are developing innovative solutions to reduce food waste, enhance food safety, and improve food security. Their facilities play a key role in developing new technologies and techniques for preserving food, as well as addressing social and economic challenges related to food distribution and access.

If you want to know more about how the catering partners on Wageningen Campus work on sustainability, visit Hutten Catering and OSP Catering.

Would you also like to know how organisations work at Business Science Park Wageningen, as part of Wageningen Campus, take a look at Agrocares and Keygene.

Agrocares is bringing the lab of the field by using sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence, calibration databases and a lot of IT stuff. Clients are for example Starbucks, Nutreco, Syngenta, Yara, Doktar, ATP and OCP.  

Keygene is the go-to research company for the development and application of breakthrough technology innovation for crop improvement in for instance vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and industrial field crops. During the tour they will show you some of their research and technology innovation, such as DNA-technology, banana-research and seeds-which-are-cuttings, in laboratory and greenhouse environments.  

Do you want to visit the aquarium laboratories of Wageningen University & Research then go to Marine Animal Ecology. They deal with the following issues: how do coral reefs respond to climate change? Why is a sea urchin important for a healthy reef? And how does a shark respond to power cables on the sea floor?

On Tuesday June 13, you get the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of 20 different companies in Plus Ultra I en II! In four different routes you can find out what your neighbours are working on.

The Campus Expedition is a good way to really experience Wageningen Campus on its best. Both with regard to your own organisation, as well as to get acquainted with other organisations located on the campus. The Wageningen Campus Expedition is open to employees of WUR and fellow residents of the Campus, unfortunately not for family members.

There are even more organisations who open their doors for you, to check this out click here.

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