Proces engineering

The Process Engineering department focuses on the design, analysis, monitoring and improvement of various processes. After defining the issue and determining the requirements in terms of standardisation, our Process Designers start with the design of the Process Flow Diagram (PFD), or at a later (project) stage, a more detailed Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). This is how we develop phase by phase a draft into a more detailed design. In collaboration with our other disciplines, a final design can then be completed.

We can also optimise part of your installation, obviously with the associated documentation.

In addition to design activities, IPSS engages in simulations (e.g. ASPEN), mass and energy balances and feasibility and safety studies (e.g. HAZOP, SIL). We can supervise your project during construction and commissioning of the installation. At IPSS, we work mainly in multidisciplinary teams. Depending on the scope, our Process Engineer regularly takes a leading role.

The projects carried out by our Process Engineers are mainly related to Research & Development for the Bio-based and Food sector or the petrochemical/chemical industry.

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