Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical & Instrumentation engineering is an important link within the projects of IPSS. After identifying the wishes and safety requirements, our engineers create a thorough design. This consists of calculations for the electrical scope, various drawings (block diagrams, wiring diagrams, cabinet drawings, etc.) and selection of the right electrical components and instruments.

To this end, we use software programs such as WSCAD, Eplan P8 and AutoCAD. In addition to familiarity with the general safety regulations, such as NEN1010 and NEN3140, we also have experience with specific standards, such as the ATEX guidelines. This enables us to guarantee work safety.

Our Electrical & Instrumentation engineers are versatile and skilled in making control designs or performing calibration work, for example. Costs and wishes of the customer are closely monitored by our engineers. In addition, our E&I Engineers have extensive experience in building control cabinets, air islands and junction boxes. Projects are mostly related to Research & Development for the bio-based and food sector, petrochemical industry and mechanical industry.

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