Technical Commercial Account Manager, ProKris Technologies BV

Job description

ProKris Technologies BV is a new company for the development and commercial roll-out of an innovative new crystallization technology for the extraction of sugar from liquid sugar-containing feedstock. The development consists of the design & construction of a prototype, its system validation for sugar beet juice and sugar-containing waste streams followed by the design and engineering of a larger commercial unit.

Currently we are looking for a biorefining professional with a strong marketing and sales angle to join our ProKris Technical & Commercial team. With our ProKris team you will further develop and evaluate our innovative ProKris process in cooperation with various strategic partners (agricultural, food, feed and industrial). A technical background is required and knowledge on agriculture (tilling) is highly preferred.

Position: Technical Commercial Account Manager, Biorefining Industry,
Location: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Key Responsibilities

  • ·         Develop Marketing & Sales strategy for ProKris Technologies
  • ·         Develop Communications strategy and communication tools
  • ·         Target launching markets and customers, generate leads and follow-up
  • ·         Promote ProKris Technologies through relevant communications channels
  • ·         Interface between R&D & commercial environment. Translate market opportunities into relevant experimental set-up.
  • ·         Review, interpret and report customer project results.:
  • ·         Refine strategy development & innovation.
  • ·         Assist in product development & rollout projects.


Key Requirements

  • ·         Minimum 5 years of experience & proven track record in the bio-refining processing industry or similar.
  • ·         University degree, or equivalent ability to think conceptually, in a relevant technical area.
  • ·         Agricultural knowledge/affinity
  • ·         Proven expertise in Marketing, Sales and Communications
  • ·         Able to manage a multifactor process to the point of excellence
  • ·         Team player.
  • ·         Excellent presentation & communication skills.
  • ·         Strong self-leadership – motivated, proactive, tenacious and driven.
  • ·         Methodical, systematic approach.
  • ·         Willing and able to work in an international business environment including international travel.
  • ·         Fluent in English both oral and written.


Key Characteristics

  • ·         Ability to act a trusted advisor and credible challenger to key customers.
  • ·         Ability to understand and assess customer’s processes with appropriate attention to detail.
  • ·         Ability to apply expertise and influence, to win the level of credibility with customers, establishing transparent cooperation.
  • ·         Able to develop customer process improvement solutions based on consideration of all relevant parameters eg water and energy consumption, fouling, higher throughput, chemical usage.

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